Lifetime Sales (Sussex NB) 

August 29, 2013

Even though our new home landed on our prpoerty in Stptember of 201, we recently stopped in to Lifetime Sales to thank Bert and Randy for all they did to make this a reality for us. We had prayed for god to lead us to the right house and had searched far and wide for the right one. Themoment we walked into the model home which was outside Sussex at the time , we knew that we had FOUND IT! We loved everything about the house at the time and have ever since!

We especuially love the BIG windows which are a Bert trade-mark. We love the open concept livingroom, dining area and kitchen…well we just love all of it. Bert and Randy are very friendly. I don’t know how many, many times we stopped by just to check it out again and they always greeted us with smiles. they are very accomodating and helpful. We would never hesitate to send our friends to them.

A big thank you to Lifetime Sales from two happy customers!

Paul & Gail Fosmark


To: Life Sales  (Sussex NB)

We would like to thank you for all of your service when we bought our 3 bedroom 2 bath Mini Home in 2012 . We are very happy in our new home.

Randy and Burt were so helpfuland accomodating in every way we are so pleased. What a wonderful option for seniors like us a Mini Home is the way to go, so comfortable and easy to care for. Thank you again for your help in choosing our new Mini Home.

Bonnie and Norm Brien


Patterson Maple Leaf,     Truro NS.

August 12, 2013

Dear Craig,

We moved into our new home on June 28th and are very pleased with our decision to purchase a Maple Leaf Home. Right from the start of the process with our meeting with you uo to closing day, you were always available, which is very important to us.

The quality of the home we have purchased supassed some of our expectations. we were very happy with the fact that Maple leaf worked with us to ensure that we were getting what we wanted. We also like that current decor styles are a part of what Maple Leaf chooses to use in their homes.

The contractor who built our home did a wonderful job and are very professional. This was a large undertaking and they did it in a timley manor st that our closing date was met on time. they have addressed any questions and concerns that we have had during the building process and after.

We are proud to me Maple Leaf Home owners.

Sincerely Dan and Peggy Mattix.


March 01, 2013
To whom it may concern:
I recently purchased a new Mini Home from Life Time Sales in Sussex, NB. The
Sales Representative (Randy) dealt with me in a very professional way and Was
very knowledgeable about their product. He was most helpful .• making several
suggestions which helped me with my final decisions.
My home was delivered on time, placed on my lot without any difficulties.
Randy was prompt and kind to correct any and all minor things I requested.
I strongly recommend to anyone considering purchasing a Mini Home .• they
contact Randy at life Time Sales in Sussex, they will not be disappoInted with
the Product or their Service.
Respectively Yours
Linda Biron

Hi Clare and Evelyn,

Please know that we are totally delighted with the mini home. Thank you for investing so much of yourselves in such an outstanding and pleasing product. Susan’s sister Judy was here yesterday to witness her dream come true. Our words could not do justice describing to you the joy in her face. She was thrilled to see her new home arrive and eagerly watched it being shored-up in place. Glen is an amazing man and did everything possible to set-up the home efficiently and effectively. Sensitive to Judy he then invited her to cross the threshold to be the first person to see the interior. She was just as amazed with the interior! And, the two sturdy porches that Glen custom built while on site really complement the home. Glen too will tell you about all the interest from the neighbours!!

Seeing the mini home here on site cements our confidence in recommending Maple Leaf Homes mini homes as a viable solution to families wishing to personally take on the role of care-giver for elderly or disabled family members. The mini home ensures the loved-one has a degree of independence in a lovely, compact and cozy space they can call their own yet be just steps away from their family care-givers.

Maple Leaf Home’s commitment to being a “green”, environmentally conscious company!

Well done Clare and Evelyn! Again, thank you.

Best regards.

Allan and Susan

Lifetime Sales  (Sussex NB)  May 2012
Not long ago, my wife and I had purchased a modular home through Lifetime Sales Ltd. (Maple Leaf Homes) in Sussex, NB.

Randy and Bert were great! They are the friendliest people I have ever met to deal with and were anxious to please. They helped every step of the way in all the decision making in regards to what we wanted for our home (colors, flooring, etc.). They offered us helpful advice and were good to explain everything so that we had a clear idea of what we were getting into. They were understanding and very patient with us when my wife and I, at times, were not very patient.

We got great service; a great price; and great people to deal with. My wife and I were very pleased with the whole experience! We highly recommend buying a Maple Leaf Home through Lifetime Sales.

Shawn Leblanc

Patterson Sales  Dartmouth NS   (April 2012)

A-few years ago, my husband and I decided to prepare to move back to Nova Scotia after living in Ottawa, ON for 8 years. We wanted a brand new home that was well built however, did not have any idea where to start. After some time researching the internet we came across the idea of modular homes through Patterson Sales. We reviewed the website and watched the informational video for Maple leaf Homes. After watching the video, we were so impressed with the building materials that were used to construct a Maple leaf home along with the construction being completed inside without the weather playing havoc, that we contacted Patterson Sales/Dartmouth to find out more information. We spoke with Duncan Cann who was very knowledgeable and explained everything we wanted to know without any pressure to purchase.
Although our move back to Nova Scotia actually took place two years after that conversation, we did not forget the time and information that was provided to us by Duncan. Once we moved to Halifax, we contacted Duncan, who was very approachable, and reviewed all of the options available to us again without the pressure to buy a home. We were already sold on the home construction from viewing the informational video however, we were concerned with customer service and what happens after we purchase. Duncan listened to our concerns and was very convincing we would not be disappointed in the service he and his team could provide.
After reviewing our options, we were impressed with a turn-key modular home package and decided to proceed with a purchase. We looked at a building lot in an area where we both wanted to build a house and decided this was the one. The process of obtaining building permits was started. After a couple of weeks of communicating back and forth, Duncan contacted us and advised us that there may be problems with that specific lot and that we should consider choosing another lot. He did have other building lots for us to look at and we decided to take his advice. We were very impressed with Duncan’s honesty and taking into consideration that this building lot may cause us serious problems down the road.
Duncan suggested we look at a particular building lot that he thought may be perfect for us and we were not disappointed. So the process of having Patterson Sales/Maple Leaf Homes construct our new home was started. Although we had a (1) one week delay to our move-in date because of high humidity at the same time of the hardwood floors being installed, we were always kept abreast of the situation and felt everything possible was being done to rectify the problem. Now our new home is completed and built better then we could have found from any contractor in our area.
The contract we signed with Patterson Sales is completed and we are very satisfied. Now a year later, we are still very happy with our home. The relationship we have built with Patterson Sales did not stop at the purchase of the home. When I have an inquiry about the home or property, Patterson Sales/Dartmouth is there to take care of my inquiry in a timely manner. In saying that, there is no hesitation when we say Mr. Cann and his team always put their clients first and have a high standard of customer service. We will recommend Patterson Sales/Dartmouth for future home buyers.

Darlene and Stephen Petipas

o: Lifetime Sales (Sussex New Brunswick)

January 4, 2012

Hi, Burt!

Just thought we’d take a moment to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

We couldn’t be more pleased with the home that you built for us.  It is exactly what wanted and exactly what we ordered.   As you know, we did a great deal of researching and planning as to designs, materials, heating systems, etc. prior to contacting you.  We were relieved that you didn’t dismiss our ideas and pleased that you were willing to consider them and incorporate many of them into the final plan.

Several times each day each of us will comment how beautiful this home is and how much we love it.  Visitors are amazed at the fit and finish.  Women are quite taken with the kitchen.   The guys head for the basement and examine the structure.  All are impressed when they see plywood where they are used to seeing OSB.   Everyone loves the walk in shower.  The sunroom is well on it’s way to becoming our favourite room in the house.

You warned us that there would be the odd rough spot during the build and you were right, but you were also right that we would get through them and still be on excellent terms upon completion.  The problems pale in comparison to the horror stories we heard from others.  As soon as anyone heard we were building, they were more than willing to share there own experiences.  They usually weren’t positive.  They included cost overruns into the tens of thousands of dollars, delays of several months, fired contractors and crews, etc.

We think that some didn’t believe our build was as stress free as it was.  They couldn’t believe that we would just convey any concerns to “Burt” and have you resolve them.  The service was first class, your crews were first class and the product is first class.

Kevin was down and installed the garage doors Wednesday and they look great.

If you want to have any of your customers talk to us, feel free to give them our number.  If they want to view our home, feel free to bring them down for a visit.  We think the house will speak for itself.  Just give us enough time to get to the house straightened up.

Margo and Gordie

Life Time Sales Sussex NB

2 August 2011

Our journey with Lifetime Sales started only a few months ago in early April. After accepting a new job and needing to relocate our family in a timely manner, we decided that a modular home was the way to go. After visiting many prefab home companies, we found Randy and Burt to be the most knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs. We decided on a floor plan and finishes. Then Randy and his team got the job done. Our house was ready to move into on the scheduled delivery date of the end of June and it met all of our expectations!! A day after moving in there were a couple of things brought to Randy and Burt’s attention-the very next day they were fixed by the appropriate tradesmen. Randy and Burt’s professionalism and flexibility was second to none. Lifetime Sales helped make our transition flawless during this turbulent time.

Troy and Heather Allaby



Patterson Sales Truro NS

17 December 2010

Dear Laurie Patterson and Jacques Roy,

Several months ago my wife and I set down to discuss the possibility of selling our home and taking the “big step” of investing in a new smaller home for retirement. We wanted a product that was dependable, one where we knew the history so there would be no surprises and one that would allow us the flexibility of not having to have more than one floor. We wanted a home that met with the intent to downsize while at the same time not leaving us feeling as though we had to compromise on quality or independence.The solution became apparent … we needed to build not buy in order to accommodate our future goal.

The next step was to find a product of high quality and a company that stood behind their product even after the sale. We began with the usual process of learning about the industry and we were pleasantly shocked to learn about the “turn key” option. We then started to ask questions like; who sells modular homes, who meets or exceeds the building codes, who takes care of their clients during and after the sale and who stands by their product while placing the customer first. Who is approachable and dependable and who won’t forget your name once you have moved into your new home. We visited companies who although full of good intent, did not have the quality of product we were seeking, and companies that had the quality of product we were seeking but not the appreciation for a diverse customer base nor an understanding of customer service. And then we found Patterson Sales here in Truro.

Let me preface what I am about to say here by letting you know that when two women enter into a discussion about the design, building components or even the manufacture’s building code most times we incur opposition at first and then for a lackof a better phrase, a dismissal that implies that we need to bring our husbands along sothat they can follow the conversation. Apparently women are not expected to know about these things let alone pose questions. Fortunately for us, Craig Cavanaugh does not share this mindset as he knows the value of servicing all clients regardless of their gender.

From the start Craig was approachable, knowledgeable and not one to set out with false promises in order to impress the client. He told us about the product in detail and took the time to answer every question we had. He went above and beyond the call of duty in answering our questions pertaining to land, foundation, Genelinks, amending the interior design, extending the length of the home, etc etc. Craig genuinely expressed concern and he did not dismiss us because of our inexperience. He was always available and encouraged us to ask as many questions as we needed while providing us withadditional insight into the quality of the product that we were considering purchasing.

We have been in our new home for almost a month now and I can say that we definitely made the right decision. The process of getting us to this point was not with out its hiccups. In fact, the day after our home was placed on the frost wall, we experienced five straight days of higher than normal wind and rainfall. Needless to say, our new home experienced wind and water damage even before we had the opportunity to enter. Craig immediately put our hearts and minds at ease by disclosing the extent ofthe damage and ensuring us that he and his team were making the repairs to restore the home to its original state. Craig did not have to be so open and honest with us but because of his approach, we gained a new insight into the quality of customer satisfaction, the level of respect that he holds for his clients and a new respect for the quality of the Maple Leaf Home product and Patterson Sales’ promise to not cover up such an event that would most certainly have become apparent years later.

Shortly after we moved into our home Craig’s team was back to work on some of the finishing touches (shelving, blinds, etc) and one of his crew told me that Craig had instructed them to consider the client’s home their own. In other words, the quality of work that they would want at their home is the quality of work that they should provide in the client’s home. It is this mindset and commitment to the client that in our opinion sets Patterson Sales above the rest.

Although we know that there are a few outstanding items left to fix, we are confident that these will occur in a timely manner and that they will be representative of the standard already set by both Maple Leaf Homes and Patterson Sales. There is no question in our minds that Maple Leaf Homes has a superior product. We have done the research and we are now experiencing this quality first hand. There is also no question in our minds that Craig Cavanaugh and his team at Patterson Sales are totally committed to their clientele and have set a standard of customer service that is extremely high and formidable for their competitors. What is also apparent is that both compliment each other extremely well. Because of the quality of the product combined with the commitment to customer satisfaction, we will without hesitation recommend Patterson Sales Maple Leaf Homes to everyone we know whether or not they are seasoned or first time home buyers. In our opinion, they can not go wrong with Patterson Sales Maple Leaf Homes, Craig Cavanaugh and his team.

Thank you Craig for making our dream of a new home a reality.