Multi Units
885 per unit
Square Feet

Features at a Glance

885 sq. ft. / per unit
2 bedrooms
1 bath
Private Porch
Street level entry
Expandable to added units

Additional Features:

This street entry level 2 bedroom triplex is ideal for those wishing to downsize while still maintaining their privacy and independence. The façade of each unit is variable so as to allow for for an individual appearance to each unit. An enclosed porch with railing is arranged to allow for privacy while outdoors. The optional open to ceiling feature for the Living and Dining Room will give a spacious open feeling to the 880 sq. ft. unit.

Since this arrangement does not require a costly full foundation, extra closets and storage are incorporated into the design. If desired, this arrangement can be expanded to as many units as required without compromising the variable façade designs.

Customizable options are also available