Multi Units
1,387 per unit
Square Feet

Features at a Glance

2 bedroom, 1,387 sq. ft./unit
32’ X 44’, more units on a smaller lot
Variable exterior façade design
Expansion capability beyond a duplex layout
Optional private front porch entrance
Open ceiling concept of Kitchen/Dining/Living room
Full Bath plus ensuite bath off of the master bedroom
Walk in closet

Additional Features:

While shown as a duplex, the exterior facade design of each unit can be uniquely modified to give an appearance of individuality to each unit while maintaining a consistent exterior theme. The Kitchen/Dining/Living Room interior is an open concept thereby giving the resident a more open feeling. The bedrooms however are separated by a full bathroom and ensuite bath so as to provide quiet privacy. There is a walk-in-closet off of the master bedroom. The 32’ frontage allows for this duplex to be built on narrow lots with extra depth.

Customizable options are also available