Multi Units
1,315 per unit
Square Feet

Features at a Glance

Two bedroom, 1,315 sq. ft. / unit
Single residence street appearance, each unit is 14’ X 50’-6” / 46‘
1 + 1/2 bath
Private entrance and porch
Kitchen is private from the living room area
With interconnecting roof line, this design can be expanded

Additional Features:

The exterior façade design gives the initial appearance of a single residence while in fact it is a 2 bedroom / unit duplex comprising 1,315 sq. ft of living area in each unit. There is a full bath on the second floor and 1/2 bath on the main floor. The entrances, with a porch, are separated to allow for privacy. The kitchen is separated from the living room area so as to give privacy.

Customizable options are also available